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Creative Development

Collaborate creatively with us and we’ll make your brand emotionally resonate for your fans in AR.

Campaign success

Welcome to superior fan engagement, and CMO eyebrow-raising conversions, velocity, and reach.

Coding Expertise

Benefit from over two years Spark AR Platform knowledge delivering Camera Effects for brands.

One step beyond

As Spark AR creators, we’ll bring you the nuttiest and then some. Stay ahead of the game.

DoTheLifebuoy AR Filter Campaign

A dual Instagram and Facebook branded try on filter with a twist. Head movement scanning vibes in Instagram, and pioneering brand availability on Instagram, this filter combined simulated musical lyrics with supplementary fun animations for up to 15 seconds of interactive song dance. Campaign launched in partnership with agency MullenLoweRauf.

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Selfie Lense

Create fun ways to drive awareness and engagement through user generated content!
● Lighting effects for selfies
● Beauty and feature enhancement
● Facial tracking with 2D & 3D animations
● Interactions triggered by facial features
● Selfie Interaction Games
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Marker Lenses

Activate and augment your out of home campaigns with eye catching AR experiences!
● On site location based AR.
● 2D/3D enhancements for OOH media.
● Augment brand package design.
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Extend your branded lenses offline with physical activations and drive conversation at live events.
● Create fun selfie moments with real friends!
● On site AR experiences for live activations.
● Device free AR experience.
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Do you manage only the creative or only development?

We do both. We often work with clients who already have an idea of the creative but may need guidance as to what is feasible with Spark AR. We can advise you what works, what tends to appeal to fans, and suggest feasible creative options for you.

How do you work a brief?

We listen first and advise how and if Spark AR ican meet your campaign needs. Based on your creative concept, be it from an image, a sketched idea, or a video, we can produce a no obligation intial mood board slide deck with an outline description of a feasible camera effect. This typically takes two to three days after an initial video call held with you.

What's the turnaround time for a camera effect?

We guarantee to turnaround and deliver a campaign camera effect within six working days of a completed order agreement. Factors that affect delivery timetables include agreement of a creative brief, supply of valid assets, complexity of the agreed features, and typical approvals by Facebook Inc. Subject to workload, we may not be able to commence your filter development immediately. Contact us to check our current capacity.

How do I place an order for an AR Filter?

Following an introductory video call and if possible a brief from you, a presented moodboard slide deck or quotation document from us, and agreed refinements, we issue an Order Agreement for every camera effect project, setting our the simple terms and invoice details between the parties to formalise an order. Subject to return of the Order Agreement and issue of Purchase Order we set to work on your camera effect or filter. We can do all of the above within three days though project start times may depend on our current workload.

How long does Facebook Inc. take to approve a filter?

Approvals for Spark AR camera effects, as of November 2019, can take upto ten business days for Instagram, some types even longer. Facebook camera effects are typically reviewed in less than a week.

How do I ensure my effect is approved by Facebook or Instagram?

Approvals are not automatic for submitted camera effects as all effects are subject to Facebook and Instagram guidelines and terms. We have ample experience of the practical guidelines and will lead you to ensure creative, policy, and technical compliance is met to minimise campaign risk of rejection.

Do you get my filter published?

In addition to the design and development of your camera effect, we undertake the submission and activation of your camera effect, and closely advise you how to publish, promote, and optimise it’s launch be it on Facebook, Instagram , or within Messenger. In order to submit your camera effect for Facebook Inc. approval and to activate it, a Page or Profile Admin will need to delegate our developers as authorised Spark AR managers to the Page or Profile. We can advise how to complete this simple procedure and take care of the submission process. In short, yes, we get your filter published on Facebook Inc. apps.

Can you publish an Instagram AR Filter for my brand profile?

As of now August 10th, ALL brands can now publish compliant AR filters on Instagram as the beta has formally ended. Contact us to discuss your project.

What's the price for a camera effect project?

We price according to a structured Ratecard. We categorise camera effect development fees subject to complexity of Spark AR features. We discount based on volume, origination of creative assets, distribution channel, and other factors such as press coverage or significant social citation to a lesser degree. For example, if you can supply layered PSD assets, and/or 3d .obj models, this will significantly reduce the quotation for your camera effect. If your camera effect for example requires external networking, 3rd party API integration, or advanced React programming, or beta Spark AR features, the development fee may increase relative to an average camera effect fee. Contact us for a quotation.

Can you duplicate my filter for Facebook if I order Instagram one for the same price?

Identical AR filters across Instagram and Facebook are not permitted by Facebook Inc. Furthermore, there are some policy and technical differences between the platforms. We can modify a filter to create a similar variant for either Facebook or Instagram. Fees for near similar variants are priced approximately a third of the total fee.

Is my branded effect campaign success guaranteed?

Like all campaigns, some effects are more successful than others. No two camera effects are alike just as no two brands are. There are many factors affecting the outcome not withstanding the technical and artistic merit of the camera effect. We will guide you during the planning, production, and launch phases with the goal of excellence at all times. We will work with you to avoid common errors, gain competitive advantage, and prepare for an optimal launch of your camera effect together with other stakeholders. Where there’s a way, there’s a woah.

Do my fans have to follow my page or profile to get the filter on their device?

All Instagram, and Facebook filters are links, that anyone can try if they have the link. Non fans can store the filter to their camera tray for future, however all Page Fans, and Profile followers will always see the icon to the filter in their camera tray. Fans may also see a Try it link in their feeds and Stories on Facebook and Instagram , and other new sections of the Facebook Inc. family of apps as they evolve.

What's the difference between a camera effect or a filter?

None. The terminology is interchangeable. Formally referred to by Facebook Inc. as Camera Effects, they are also commonly referred to as filters, AR filters, face filters, lenses, effects, world effects, overlay stickers, stuff. This may vary by language and culture.

What metrics will my filter have for measuring success?

Insights are available for published Facebook and Instagram camera AR effects.

These are limited to Impressions, Captures and Shares. Impressions or shares for effects used in live videos or direct messages are not currently included.

Impressions are the number of times an effect has been displayed on screen which includes when an effect is shown while someone is trying it out in the Instagram camera, and when the effect is displayed in a shared story on Instagram.

Impressions are itemised by channel. You can view the number of times an effect was shown in the Instagram camera as Camera impressions and in Instagram stories as Story impressions.

The number of times someone captured a photo or video that featured your effect in the Instagram camera is displayed as Captures and Shares for Instagram effects is the number of times someone took and shared a photo or video that featured your effect to a story on Instagram.

In addition to the above, similar is available for Facebook metrics. Furthermore, the post level organic metrics of the camera effects offer further information of their perfomance, audience composition and when combined with short URL statistics a good deal more insight about your campaign can be discovered.

What new features are available?

Spark AR is continually evolving and in three years has iterated over eighty times, with authoring software platform releases every month at least. There are some new features that we, as beta partner developers, sometimes have access to in advance of general release. We share these with Everywoah clients and qualified prospects.

Do make Reels filters?

Reels is an exciting addition to Instagram as of August 2020, that is built in to the app (unavailable in some territories) and allows people to use AR camera effects, aka filters, for their Reels. All Instagram AR filters are by default available to users on Reels. There are now a plethora of creative options with filters that may be more suitable for Reels. Contact us for more information.

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